FACTS ABOUT Cap-and-trade (HB 2020)

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  • According to an analysis by the nonpartisan legislative revenue office, the cap-and-trade bill will increase gas prices by 22¢ per gallon in the first year of the program alone.

  • Natural gas providers have predicted double-digit rate increases in year one of the program, with residential rates rising by more than 50% in later years.

  • Oregon lawmakers have already passed billions of dollars worth of new tax increases this session. Cap-and-trade would ask hardworking Oregonians and employers to pay even more. We can’t afford it.

  • Cap-and-trade will reduce the number of living-wage, manufacturing jobs, which are so important to providing opportunity in rural communities. This will only deepen the economic division between Portland and rural Oregon.

  • Cap-and-trade would give unelected bureaucrats unprecedented power over key segments of Oregon’s economy and provide little to no accountability for the millions of dollars raised by the program.